About Us

Believe in your Whim and stay Fancy!
Whim & Fancy is an eclectic boutique that offers a curated line of one-of-a-kind, handmade home decor, jewelry and accessories. Created by two posh time-travelers and best friends, Alexandria Jurczewski and Lexi Traczyk, Whim & Fancy strives to offer products that bring a sense of beauty and joy to things found in your every day life, and some things that are seemingly larger than life itself.


Meet Alexandria!

If anyone could achieve at least six impossible things before breakfast, it would be our Alex! Alex has a special love for fashion and art history, with a sweet spot for Elizabethan, Victorian and pre-revolutionary France. She is a collector of all things unique and fancy, from rococo boudoir lamps to a set of mismatched teacups and saucers. 

Meet Lexi!

Lexi can be described in three words: a big nerd. When she isn't dreaming of Disney, she's quoting Star Wars. Please ask her about her purse collection; you will not be disappointed. Lexi is also a lover of all things fashion and art, especially if it's avant-garde, and can often be caught thinking of ways to embrace Halloween year-round.


Alex and Lexi's friendship began in the most unlikely way but they couldn't be a stronger duo because of it. It's their combined creativity, dedication and innovation that led to numerous larger-than-life projects, such as the creation of the 2018 Navy Pier Welcome Center Christmas decorations. Whether they are travelling the world finding inspiration for their next project, or doing a photoshoot in the pouring rain because neither of them checked the forecast, they are always smiling and enjoying the experience together.

They hope that their passion and joy shines through in all of their creations for Whim & Fancy and can't wait to share it with everyone who visits or takes home one of their pieces.